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About the Association

The Association for Enlightenment (Articles of Association) is a human rights organisation, which was founded on July 1st 2022 to support the following: the Right for Privacy and the Right for Freedom of Information belong to the inalienable human rights. These are listed as such in Article 12 and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights based on Resolution 217 A(III) of the UN General Assembly as a legal asset to be protected.

In a time where these two human rights more and more are under threat measures must be taken to protect and sustain them. The Internet in particular has completely changed the situation for a large part of humanity - and unfortunately not only for the better.

The Human Rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information and of Privacy are in the focus here as they are listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

Promoting freedom of expression also includes supporting freedom of the press. The Association publishes regarding these topics. The Association intends to ignite public discussion hereby to to contribute to the democratic formation of will that the aforementioned human rights continue to receive attention in the discourse.

As well the idea of Human Rights as well the idea of a liberal democratic structure of society were born by the Englightenment movement. The Association executes its projects in this spirit. «Sapere aude! Dare to use your own mind!»

The Association for Englightenment is not related to any political party or movement.

Association purpose

i. The Association primarily aims to support the protection of Privacy, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information. This implies driving own activities and own projects as well as cooperation and support of other institutions and entities, which aim to similar goals.

ii. The Association can support institutions, entities and individuals with subsidies for purpose-built activities and projects.

iii. The Association does not pursue self-help and no commercial or profit-oriented purpose.

iv. The Association ursues its purpose on a national and international level.


The Association is mainly financed by donations and grants, as well as by members' contributions, income from association activities and subsidies.


Please contact the Association by mail or email.

Contact person is the president of the Association, Volker Birk.

Email: info@verein-fuer-aufklaerung.org

Association for Enlightenment
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